HRM Degree online

    Degree Accreditation

    In the United States, there are regional and national accreditation entities for higher education accreditation. Goal is to ensure that education meets acceptable levels of quality. Accredited universities & higher education will have higher admission standards but give more academic prestige. Link US Department of Education: Database of accredited programs & institutes

    Online university accreditation
    Online universities are often accredited by international accrediting organizations. The important question is how much authority these accreditors have? Do companies recognize the value of your Bachelor/Masters Degree if such an organization the program has approved? Students can check in the US database of accredited programs if their online university is listed.

    Largest online universities
    The University of Phoenix is the largest private university in North America. It offers campus and online degree programs and certificate courses in more than 200 locations worldwide. Students throughout the Asia-Pacific region can attend many HRM programs online. A couple of those programs are:
    - Graduate Human Resource Management Certificate Program
    - Human Resource Management Certificate
    - Human Resources Management In Education (6 weeks)

    Other large online universities (and approved by the US Department of Education) are: Kaplan University, Strayer University and Liberty University. 2015